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    WHY REVENUE CYCLE SOLUTIONS is the ideal outsourced revenue cycle management partner for you

Why Revenue Cycle Solutions

is the ideal outsourced Revenue Cycle Management partner for you?

I have been where you are

I started my practice with two employees and scaled to 150 in 4 years. I have been on both sides of the “in-house vs outsource” debate. Both can be successful if they are built on an ideal foundation of optimal data, systems and process.

Only those with the highest business intelligence will thrive in today’s challenging environment, the rest will struggle to survive

Accomplish all your revenue cycle objectives by reducing all your revenue risks

Get 100% of the revenue your structure allows

Minimize claim time in AR

Create the ideal condition as cost effectively as you can

Great therapists identify, measure and collaboratively focus on the underlying root causes of their patient’s pain and dysfunction to enhance their quality of life.

Great revenue cycle partners identify measure and collaboratively focus on the underlying root cause of their client's pain and dysfunction to enhance the value of their business.


Have you ever wondered why there is so much frustration with getting paid? 70% of all revenue risks are created inside your practice but outside of the billing process. On the top that, 22% are caused by your payers. If you want to accomplish all your revenue cycle objectives and maximize the value of your practice, start with understanding the root causes of the revenue challenges you have.

There is no avoiding the Revenue Cycle Complexity Black Hole that consumes your time and money. BUT you can reduce its size, cost and overall negative impact on your practice.

Want to keep your billing in house?

Contact our partners at Ascend Solutions to transform your Billing staff into a Billing Intelligence Team that will lead your entire practice to new levels of integration, effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

It all starts with creating and tracking the right data. The right data illuminates all revenue risks and their Sources so you can focus your time and energy on opportunities for improvement across your entire practice.

Are you ready to make your practice more scalable, stable and profitable?

Revenue Cycle Solutions works with practice owners who want to collaborate with us to optimize their practice and achieve our mutual revenue cycle objectives.

In the past 5 years:

  • my practice has tripled in size
  • my revenue per visit has increased 30%
  • my revenue risks have decreased 80%
  • my billing cost has decreased 27%

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We begin our process with a detailed assessment of your practice’s effectiveness as a Revenue Cycle business. The assessment identifies all opportunities for improvement. We evaluate systems alignment and then lay out our one-of-a-kind collaborative relationship structure. If we are a good fit for each other, we move quickly to begin our revenue cycle improvement journey together.

Who is our ideal client?

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